Houston Discount Go-karts repairs, services, sales
Many customers have several questions in common, this page will help to answer those questions.
Q. How do I know what size tire I need for my kart?

A. First see what size you have on your current tire, it will be located on the sidewall of the tire.

Q. Is a live axle or single wheel drive kart better?

A. Both karts are fantastic in their own ways. Many things should be considered.
Live axle karts are superior off road due to the ability to power over uneven terrain and brake using both tires. As an additional bonus, many live axle karts have a center mounted engine which gives the ability to install a jack-shaft assembly or torque converter, these items can either slow or speed the kart dramatically.
One wheel drive karts have the advantage on road, by only powering the one wheel they have superior maneuverability on pavement. These karts also are simple in most cases using only one wheel to power and brake the entire kart.

Q. My kid outgrew my go-kart, do you take trades or buy karts?

A. We do purchase karts often as well as take karts in towards value of newer karts, and sell karts on consignment, just bring it by anytime we are open.
Q. Where do I pay?

A. Just speak with Robert or any of the other people working at the shop and they will assist you with payment.
Q. At what age should my child be to start riding karts?
A. Development is different for each child, this is by no means a guideline, but most karts are designed around 8-12 year old children. Some are larger to accommodate adults and children, some are smaller with additional safety features for smaller children, for example; a self engaging brake system.

Q. Do you accept credit and debit cards?

A. We accept Visa and Mastercard and we always prefer check cards to checks.
Q. What is the difference between a used go-kart and a reconditioned go-kart?

A. A used kart is one that the condition varies, often when you purchase a kart from craigs list or another shop there was not a full array of repairs undertaken, and you have no guarantee backing the quality of the kart which often leads to many more repairs.
A reconditioned kart from Discount Go-Kart is one that has been thoroughly rebuilt by piece by piece repairing the wear of years of riding while utilizing the years of experience inside our shop to make sure each and every thing on the kart works exactly the way it needs to from the back of the kart with the engine to the front of the kart with the steering.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located on the corner of Airport and Mosley in the business park facing Mosley, one short block from the Gulf Freeway on exit #36 College/Airport exit going towards hobby. For better directions, hover over the contact us portion at the top of the website page and click location.
Q. Can you repair my go-kart even though I did not purchase the kart from the shop?

A. Yes. Bring the kart to the shop and we will give you a free estimate.
Q. Can you put a kart on layaway?

A. Yes. If you see a kart you would like but cannot immediately afford it or would like to place aside on hold for a period of one month you just need to put a down payment of 1/3 of the kart.
Q. My Kart is too slow. Can you speed up my Go-Kart?

A. Yes, we can change the gearing through changing the size of tires, sprocket, or clutch, we can also adjust the governor. Alternately we can also decrease the speed if you feel your kart is going too fast.
Q. How can I make my kart safer for my children?

A. Many things can increase the safety of your go-kart, you may install a kill switch, chain guard, full cage, and if you do have a cage you can install seat belts. All of which are things that we can do to your kart at the shop.
Furthermore, karts are safer given a wider wheelbase and a lower center of gravity. Whenever possible if you do desire to increase safety, consider wider or lower tires as opposed to larger and taller tires for height.

Q. My kart will not start, what is wrong?

A. To determine what is wrong with the kart first place the kart on a jack-stand lifting the rear tires off the ground so if the kart does start it will not be able to escape damaging anything or anyone. Next you must make sure both the kill switch on the kart and the one on the engine are turned on. If the kart still will not start you may need to determine that you do have fuel in the kart and your gas is indeed turned on. Following all of these steps remove the air cleaner and holding the throttle open spray starter fluid into the intake of the engine, this will bypass the carburetor and allow the engine to start if it is at all able to do so, if it starts momentarily and then shuts off the problem would be your carburetor being clogged by old gasoline from not running the kart in a while, please take the kart to the shop so that we might rebuild or replace your carburetor, this is a very common repair.
If you have any questions that are not answered feel free to call the shop phone at (713) 946-5520 during business hours or email us [email protected].