Houston Discount Go-karts repairs, services, sales


Discount Go-Karts has been in business since 1974. We are a full service Karting repair and parts shop that also sells new & reconditioned go-karts.
The Question, “Why should I take my kart to you?”
The Answer, “Our track record! Not only has Discount Go-karts been in operation longer than any other competitor shop in Houston, but Discount Go-Karts actually has the experience on the track side of karting to back up the parts it sells and the work done here.
We service almost every major brand of Go-Karts out there. In addition to the 30 day limited warranties, we also include with our reconditioned karts and the 60 day limited warranties, we include with any new karts and mini bikes. Exceptional service is our main goal.”
Bring your kart to us for the following reasons:
Over four decades of knowledge of Go-Karts working for you.
Most competitive prices in Houston for parts and service.
Excellent speed and service for almost any job.
Free Estimates on all jobs.
Exceptional advice and friendly tips whenever possible.
Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call our shop at 713-946-5520.

Your children’s safety is most important to us! There may be many ways to complete a job but be assured that our experience and knowledge leads us to do the repairs you need done the safest and best way possible.
  1. Robert
  2. Carlos
    Welder / Lead Mechanical-Technician
  3. Victor
  4. Rob
    Welder/ Lead Mechanical-Technician
  5. Kaitlin
  6. David